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Greeting From President of KSCC

Jeong-Ho Kim

Greeting from President of KSCC

I am honored to be the 12th president of the Korean Society of Clinical Chemistry (KSCC) from 2017. I am a professor of Department of Laboratory Medicine at Yonsei University College of Medicine. I had served as the secretary under the leadership of Professor Oh Hun Kwon for KSCC 12 years ago for 4 years. KSCC has made big progress thanks to the devotion of the past-presidents and council members. KSCC, a member of IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine), had been a successful host society for Asia Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry congress in 2010 in Seoul, Korea. KSCC will also host IFCC WorldLab 2020 in May 2020 in Seoul, Korea. IFCC Worllab 2020 is now being prepared step-by-step by the organizing committee (Chairperson, Professor Junghan Song). KSCC members are very cooperative, and together we are exhibiting a great teamwork. I would like to specifically thank Professor Gye Chul Kwon, the immediate past-president. He had led KSCC from 2013 to 2016 and under his leadershp, he organized KSCC national conference biannually, which has been practical and attractive with a powerful driving force. He also upgraded our website to contain useful information, such as about instruments and reagents.

KSCC became a formal member society of Korean Academy of Medical Science since March, 2016. KSCC is also a official member of Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM). In addition, the Korean Medical Association delegated KSCC as one of the formal continuing medical educational society.
IAs the new President, I would make every effort to upgrade and optimize the KSCC to host a successful IFCC WorldLab 2020. The discipline of Laboratory medicine becomes even more important in medical practice, and clinical chemistry tests comprise a big proportion in the field of laboratory medicine. I would like to continue to make every effort for the clinical chemistry test to be useful for the diagnosis, decision of therapeutic success, and disease monitoring at a society level. It is in my best interest to foster standardization of clinical chemistry tests. I will also do my very best for the biannual national congress and our website to be useful for clinical laboratory specialists and medical doctors.
Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that the success of the KSCC is contingent upon the active participation of every member and the wise guidance of our council members.
Thank you very much.


President of KSCC, Jeong-Ho Kim, M.D.,Ph.D. (金正浩)